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Company Structure

Company Structure

A.N.I. Logistics, Ltd. offers one-stop service for all your global supply chain management needs. Our distinct advantages include our incredible work ethic, our highly efficient organizational hierarchy, and our determination to work through adversity. Each associate is ready to meet your individual needs, and is passionately committed to maintaining a successful relationship.

Global Network

North and South
American Facilities

  • NK Parts Industries, Inc.
  • NK America, Inc.
  • NKA Transportation
  • NKA Logistics
  • NKA Customs Service
  • NK Brasil Logistica Ltda.
  • NKP Mexico, S.A.DE C.V.

Asia and Pacific Rim

  • Nippon Konpo Vietnam Co., Ltd.
  • NKV Logistics, Ltd.
  • PT Nippon Konpo Indonesia
  • Nippon Konpo Phillipines, Inc.
  • Nippon Konpo Unyu Soko Co., Ltd.
  • Nikkon Logistics China Co., Ltd.
  • Futain-Nikkon Logistics Co., Ltd.
  • Guangzhou Dongfeng Nikkon Logistics
  • A.N.I. Logistics, Ltd.
  • Nippon Konpo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • NK India